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Our institute of thermal
technology center provides expert
packaging design, development,
prototyping services and
qualification test to satisfy your

Our institute of thermal technology center is based at SCH University Korea . This dedicated facility enables us efficiently to manage a continuous flow of new projects. Our research and development team work
Development of new products Research of new technologies and Phase Change Materials Mathematic modeling Comparison studies
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Our institute of thermal technology center is one of the most advanced in Korea.
It is staffed by a dedicated and experienced team of scientists and packaging specialists.
Our technical design team is continually sourcing and evaluating new, analysis materials
for thermal conductivity, phase changes and more thermally efficient.
We have a various size of environmental test chambers for qualification test and
developing test.

Packaging Developing 9 STEP
  1. Product’s Temperature
  2. Quantity of product per
    packaging size
  3. Transport environment(Temperature exposure)
  4. Packaging Option(Universal or Seasonal)
  5. Packaging Cost
  6. Prototype(Test lab’s capabilities)
  7. Protocol
  8. Temperature
    Mapping Test
  9. Qualification
Thermal Package Test Report documentation includes:
Summary – An overview of the test plan and objective, including scope,
acceptance criteria, test set-up, product acceptance criteria, and summary
data tables.
Test Data - Color graphs and raw data for all tests performed.
Packing Procedures - Written and illustrated instructions for each packaging
configuration tested.
Material Descriptions and Specifications - Engineering specifications for all
packaging components.
Equipment Description and Calibration Data - full documentation for all
equipment used in the qualification.
Protocol - Includes a purpose, scope, responsibility, test procedure, and acceptance criteria.